Keeping Yoga Real


I have been pondering this idea over the last 18 months or so. As I consider how I will move forwards on my path of yoga I have come back time and time again to something that has characterised my personal approach to teaching: How can I  share what is authentic and true to the wisdom which the sages of India compassionately passed down, whilst offering tools which are relevant and useful.

In my mind there is no conflict.It is possible to maintain these clear and intelligent practices whilst seeing them evolve to serve a changing world. Yes, I am fortunate to have teachers who help me to understand how this works,however I have always carried a deep reverence for the teachings and practice and their source. We have challenging times ahead for humanity, and yoga, the full spectrum of yoga, can be  a great support to so many, especially if we prioritise accessibility.

I feel a deep sense of responsibility to pass on what has been generously shared with me and to do so with both compassion and courage. Now is the time, as we move into a new phase for yoga teaching, to do our best to show up in a real and accessible way. To help bring the clear and usefool tools of this ancient practice into the world that we are inhabiting right now. With the help and support of all my teachers and students I will do my best to honour this, both in my real life interactions but also in these digital spaces.

I look forward to building our community together and I hope that you will join me.

JAne Craggs Yoga Workshop

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