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Following on from the effects of the Covid 19 virus, and being unable to teach live group classes, I shifted my teaching online. While not quite the same as being in the same room, I aim to foster the same sense of community in these online classes. For the moment there are no in person weekly classes, please check workshops for regular live events.

Payments are made via Paypal, either using your paypal account or entering credit or debit card details at checkout – you do not need a Paypal account. Please see pricing and payment details below.

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In order to keep classes accessible to everyone there are 3 set prices or a ‘pay by donation’ option.

1)  Deepening the Practice of Yoga- 90 minutes

The full price of these classes is usually £11, but feel free to choose either of the lower prices (£8..50 or £5.50) if your income has been affected by the current situation or you usually pay less.Once you book onto the course there is a 6 weekly block payment

2) Restorative Yoga for Fatigue and Recovery and Yoga for Spinal Health


The full price for these classes is usually  £8.50, but feel free to choose the lower rate of £5.50 if you have a low income.

3) Monthly Pranayama mornings – 60 minutes Mon- Fri

The full price for these classes is £35 for the weekend £7 per day if not attending the full course. It is also possible to pay what you can afford by donation

Schedule & Zoom Meeting Information:

Just connect with Zoom and enter the Meeting ID and Password noted below:

Yoga for Spinal Health

Mondays 6.30-7.30 PM

Meeting ID: 892 526 163
Password: 801835

Deepening the practice of Yoga

Mondays 8.00-9.30 PM

Meeting ID: 289 463 342
Password: 431761

Restorative Yoga for Fatigue and Recovery

Wednesdays 3.30 4.45pm

Meeting ID: 514 917 577
Password: 988140

Pranayama mornings

Monthly Mon-Fri 7-8 am (dates/meeting codes on Instagram/newsletter)




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