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Restorative Yoga for Spring Transition

Date 09 March 2024 2-5pm (Sold out)

The Yoga Rooms M21 8AG


In these restorative sessions you have an opportunity to gradually move into deep rest and stillness. We begin by shifting stagnation and heaviness with floor based gentle movement, all guided by smooth and pleasant breathing practices.

Over the course of the session we will build our bhava,linking it to an integrated experience and an appropriate mantra.

We then shift to longer static holds, taking support from the earth and comfortable props, always with an option to move and shift as appropriate.



Deepening yoga at Nurture

“Song of the heart:using sound to support a healthy nervous system”

Date Friday 12th April 2024 7-9pm

Nurture studio OL3 5PU


These occasional Friday night sessions held in the beautifully serene setting of Nurture in Saddleworth are another opportunity to come and practice in person with me and go a little deeper into the practice.

In this session we will briefly look at the theory of sound and mantra and how helpful it can be for steadying our autonomic nervous system response to stress.

Soothing sound coupled with steady yoga practices, will guide us into a deeply restful and quiet state, giving us a punctuation mark at the end of the week and a gentle gateway into the weekend!



April Restorative Workshop

Sunday 14th April 2024 2-5pm

The Yoga Rooms M21 8AG


Come and join me for a wonderfully nourishing afternoon of rest and focus. Drawing upon traditional ayurvedic guidelines, and some soothing mantra, we will enjoy 3 hours of uplifting practices to support our body and mind for full blossoming spring!

If the transition from winter to spring has left you feeling fatigued, or if other factors have created overwhelm or stress, then this is a wonderful way to learn how to down regulate the nervous system,gradually coaxing it away from fight,flight or freeze and into a steadier more contained state.


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Deepening yoga at Nurture

“Creating internal shifts with Sankalpa and Bhava”

Friday 14th June  2024  7-9pm

Nurture studio,OL3 5PU


These occasional Friday night yoga sessions at beautiful, award winning Nurture in Diggle, are an opportunity to go a little deeper in a slightly longer yoga session.

In this session I will introduce the twin concepts of sankalpa (intention) and bhava (emotional recall) and guide you through a gently transforming practice.

This will be a breath led session with slow restful movements coupled with an uplifting intention for the summer season. You will leave the practice feeling grounded and simultaneously uplifted!



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