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Yoga therapy is a new term for an ancient approach to health and well-being, now informed by modern understanding and science. The practice of yoga has always been concerned with cultivating svastha (optimal health), and more recently we are seeing how science is frequently confirming what the ancients already knew.

In yoga therapy we are approaching each individual holistically and using appropriate tools from the full range of yoga practices and ayurvedic wisdom. By approaching each individual’s needs and concerns through this holistic lens we can offer practices and lifestyle shifts that are  both appropriate and sustainable.

Yoga Therapy Sessions with Jane

Jane will work with you to create a functional and pleasant practice that you can easily fit into your personal schedule. She will look at activities for daily living that can be woven into your life effortlessly, and will be transformative and supportive.

She may also discuss with you some simple lifestyle and dietary changes in accordance with ayurvedic guidelines. These will be reasonable and achievable for you.

In these personalised sessions structural and functional issues as well as mental and emotional aspects will be taken into consideration. However it is the whole person that we are working with, and this is what makes this approach so powerful and effective.

Jane  also brings yoga therapy knowledge into small group classes for specific issues, this enables her to continue developing accessible and inclusive yoga classes that bring yoga to underserved populations.

How often?

Its recommended to have at least 4-6 sessions initially. Depending on what it is we are working to support and empower you with, that can be anything from once a week to every two weeks to really get the best from the sessions.

After that the frequency of the sessions will depend on you. Some people like to continue with weekly/fortnightly sessions whilst others will return more sporadically to update their home practice. For some people, just one session can be enough.


You  can  choose where you would prefer to  have your session. Jane does most of her Yoga Therapy practice from her home in Ashton under Lyne. However, if this isn’t convenient for you it is possible to take your session at Bodywise at Manchester Buddhist Centre or at YPW Studio in Radcliffe.

Home visits are available for those unable to travel, depending on the distance/time of day there may be extra cost, although Jane generally tries to fit visits around classes she teaches around the city.

If you are outside of Manchester or the UK  Jane schedules Skype/Zoom/ Whatsapp sessions depending on coverage.


  • First 90 min session  £65
  • Block of 3 x 60min sessions after initial consultation £165 (£55 per hour)
  • Block of 5 x 60min sessions after initial consultation £250 (£50 per 1 hour class)

Jane allocates a number of reduced rate sessions, for people on low incomes, each month. Contact her for details.

Jane is a qualified yoga therapist, having completed the Svastha Yoga Therapy Program with Dr Ganesh Mohan, and is certified by the IAYT. She also completed the Ayurvedic Studies Certificate with the Ayurvedic Institute and Ayurvedic Therapist training in India to support her yoga therapy work.

Jane has been working in personalised one to one sessions since 2008 and has supported many students through mental and physical challenges.

“I have enjoyed going to Jane’s Wednesday night yoga class at St Clements for about 3 years. The yoga she teaches has allowed me to approach life with a greater strength and openness of heart and my upper back, which used to get so stiff and sore, feels much better now too.” – Anita



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