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Jane’s approach to teaching is that it should be made available to anyone who wishes to find peace and steadiness in a world which is anything but peaceful and steady!!

She teaches Svastha yoga, which is the name given by A. G. Mohan and Indra Mohan to the classical yoga as taught by Sri Krishnamacharya. This is not a brand or style of yoga but, rather, a way of approaching the practice where we take into consideration the individual and their needs and limitations.

Because of its inclusive and integrated approach, class sizes are kept deliberately small (maximum 12 students) to ensure personal attention. 

What happens in a class?

Firstly, Jane likes to check in and get a feel for how everyone is on the day. She will also take into consideration injuries, chronic conditions, and other factors such as the weather, season and time of day. These considerations, together, will determine the pace and content of the class. In some cases, it could be more physically challenging whilst in others the class may be gentler and more restorative.

All classes are guided by the breath and there is always time spent with breath awareness and guidance how to synchronise it comfortably with movement.  The breathing we do in class is extremely beneficial in supporting the spine, in all movements, as well as deeply calming for the mind.

Classes always begin and end with relaxation. There will be an appropriate sequence of asanas,  some pranayama (lengthening of breath). Modifications are always offered for postures to ensure that all students are able to move with ease and will benefit from the practice. Dependent on the class,  some philosophy, mantra and meditation may be included.


 This therapeutic practice is simple and accessible and can be applied to all individuals for peace of mind and a healthy body.



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