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Jane is both a board and faculty member of the Yogacampus Northern Teacher Training Program in Manchester and teaches a module in York. She supports the programme for its non-dogmatic and authentic approach to introducing teacher training and the quality and breadth of knowledge across the faculties.

The Yogacampus Yoga Teacher Training Diploma is one of the UK’s top teacher training courses. The  course has been running in London since 2003, and many yoga teachers have passed through the programme from all parts of the UK and beyond, some of whom are now faculty members.

Jane helped to set up the Northern course with Amanda Latchmore  in 2012,  when it was delivered annually at the lovely Calderdale Yoga Centre in Hebden Bridge. From 2017 the course shifted to venues in Manchester (The Life Centre) and York (The Stables).

The next Manchester intake will be October 2020, and Jane is delighted to be joined by Janine Kelly (The Yoga Rooms) on the board and faculty.


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“We believe that a great yoga teacher is a wonderfully unique combination of scientist, artist and spiritual guide, and seek to develop those abilities in each and every one of our students. Rather than focusing on any particular school or style of yoga or relying too heavily on a small number of teachers, the course draws on a range of leading teachers from a variety of yoga traditions. We recognise that yoga, from its earliest roots in ancient India, has continually grown and developed – and continues to grow and develop as we bring its teachings into the 21st century. We firmly believe that every path of this great centuries old tradition should be acknowledged, explored and respected. And as a not for profit body, we aim to keep our fees as low as reasonably possible.”



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