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Prana in Action

The therapeutic breath; how breath led practice can support physical and mental reintegration.

This 2-day exploration will focus on how to create simple, mindful yoga practices for mental and physical balance. It is appropriate for teachers, trainees and yoga practitioners wishing to learn more about the breath and therapeutic essentials.

“After a bird tied by a string flies here and there without finding a resting place, it finally settles down at the place it is bound. Similarly, the mind, after flying here and there, without finding a resting place, settles in the breath, for the mind is bound to the breath” ~ Chandogya Upanishad

Saturday: 10.00am – 5.00pm (includes 1-hour lunch break)

  • Breath and the theory of prana
  • Experiencing the breath in our own practice.
  • The autonomic nervous system and how the breath affects it

Sunday: 2.00pm – 6.00pm

  • The Gunas and polyvagal theory
  • Understanding brahmana (charging, nourishing, building) and langhana (discharging, calming, reducing) practices

Throughout the weekend we will learn how to create practices for stress resilience, lifting mood and calming agitation. (introducing bhavana, sound and mantra for positive mental shift).  Awareness of appropriate approaches to the breath to ensure safe and supportive practice for all


Mar 28 - 29 2020


65 - 95


Yoga Blackpool
1A Red Bank Rd, Bispham, Blackpool FY2 9HN


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Prana in Action