Yoga training: 4 day residential at Llanberis Retreats

Breathe Well: Master course in breathing for well being. CPD residential immersion 27th June -1st July 2024

From £625 -£825

For teachers/practitioners who would love to build skills around integrating the breath and supporting a wider population of students,this intensive module, taken from the Svastha Yoga therapy training, will offer 5 hours of online pre and post study sessions and 35 hours of experiential practices over the course of the residential retreat.

Teachers may wish to take this as a stand alone module, as part of the entire Svastha 300 hours training  or alongside a couple of other modules. The intimate setting at Llanberis will support a deeper immersion into our explorations with opportunities to do some integration practices outdoors. There are a number of accommodation options listed below and also the possibility of ticket only if you live locally or have a place to stay.

Numbers will be limited on this training to ensure quality and depth of experience and Jane will be assisted by Helen Roscoe throughout the training.

Delicious vegan and vegetarian food will be provided throughout by Earthly Feasts and Dave Rutter

See below full details of the course and areas to be covered

 Breathe Well will help yoga teachers to develop a deeper understanding of the art and science of breathing and how to share effective breathing skills with their students.

The course covers the keys of breathing well:

Skills,practices,wisdom,insights and science.

In summary, in this course, you will:

  • Learn the skills needed to breathe well, lifelong.
  • Receive guided exercises, observation and assessment, and teaching practice for those skills.
  • Understand the necessary functional anatomy of breathing techniques.
  • Learn decision pathways to work with imbalances of the breath.
  • Understand safety and contraindications of different breathing skills.

Topics include:

  • Charting the parameters of breathing.
    Observing the breath as it is.
  • Finding comfort with the natural breath and understanding its uses.
  • Regulating the cycle of breathing skillfully.
  • Managing the effort of breathing: decreasing the effort of breathing with ease, increasing the effort with arousal.
  • Working with deep breathing and shallow breathing.
  • Understanding the anatomy, principles, and practice of physical patterns of breathing and their uses, including abdominal breathing, lower rib breathing, upper chest breathing, and breathing into the back.
  • Appreciating the connection between breath and body movement and its practical uses.
  • Lengthening the breath with care and comfort.
  • Safely using fast breathing.
  • Cultivating the inhalation: including using movement, position, touch, visualization, sound, and sequencing.
  • Cultivating the exhalation: including using movement, position, touch, visualization, sound, and sequencing.
  • Developing breath suspension, safety, contraindications, benefits, sequencing and more.
  • Using breathing ratios and stepped breathing in asana and pranayama.
  • Using ujjāyī breathing in asana.
  • Working with sound to enhance breathing.





September Yoga retreat at Llanberis Retreats

13th-15th September 2024

From £295-£395

Come and join me for a beautiful slow September weekend at beautiful Llanberis retreats.

We will begin on Friday evening with a gentle unwinding floor practice to help you leave the week behind before a delicious supper created by Dave Rutter co owner of the retreat.

You can then absorb the stunning surroundings before a pyjama practice of deep relaxation before bed.

On Saturday morning we practice before breakfast, a gently active practice in which we focus on the restfulness within our movements.

Delicious breakfast will follow and then free time to walk, rest, explore,read whatever your body and mind need.

And then lunch followed by more free time and then afternoon exploratory yoga practice, a more restorative session followed by supper.

In the evening we take a simple ritual practice and pyjama practice will be available again!

Sunday morning practice consolidates all we have covered over the weekend and then breakfast and free time before a closing ritual and lunch.

I like to give plenty of space and time for you to make this retreat as spacious as possible. The practices create a safe container for your own exploration and hopefully will provide useful tools to take away with you.

The rooms and prices are as follows

Double room shared bathroom £395 single room supplement, if two sharing add ticket price of £295

Twin room shared bathroom  £355 per person

Twin room en suite and kitchenette £750  two person occupancy, for 3 people add ticket price of £295 for extra person.( During the day some access to kitchenette will be required)

Bell tent (sharing up to 3) £315

Van Space in drive £315 

Ticket only £295 food included no accommodation






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